About TeleBox


VOIP is the technology of transmitting voice on computer networks. This technology first became popular in long-distance communications for it was quite economical, but today due to the remarkable advances of the technology of computer networks, VOIP is utilized in a broader scope of communication needs.  Numerous standards and protocols are developed for using this technology. H.323 and SIP are among the most common and widely used protocols of this technology

What is internet protocol phone center?
PBX, which stands for Private Branch Exchange, is a phone switch used for making internal calls inside an organization. This device decreases the prices related to the telephone lines of a company by decreasing the number of the telephone lines an organization needs to purchase or rent from Telecommunications Company. An organization or a company should purchase or rent a telephone line for every employee, whereas by installing a PBX the number of lines is reduced to the number of the simultaneous calls in the organization which is about 10 percent of the previous number.
Internet protocol phone center (IP PBX) replaces traditional central systems, but the difference is that, in addition to the possibility of development in accordance with the needs of the customers, it provides better and more advanced facilities for the users compared to central systems. One of the most important advantages it provides is the significant decrease in the costs of constructing infrastructures and optimal use of the existing ones

What is Telebox?
Telebox is a complete telephone system composed of a series of network-based telephone systems which manipulates the phone calls of an organization. Telebox has all the capabilities traditional (central) telephone systems. It has also much more efficiency and flexibility due to the fact that there is no need for wiring. Some of the advantages of this system are as follows

The advantages of the application of comprehensive Telebox system in an organization:

1) 35 to 75 percent reduction in the costs of the organization

Sepehr engineering group believes that, regarding the 35 to 75 percent reduction of the costs, the purchase of the telebox is not only a cost but also a short-term investment for reducing the costs of the organization.  The initial estimation of the group on the application of the telephone system in different organizations indicates that in a period of 6 month to 3 years in all organizations all the fees( with the reduction of the costs of the organization) will be regained and after that it would be a kind of income for the organization.

How does Telebox reduce costs?

Decreasing the costs of inter-branches phone calls

If an organization has many branches in a city, province, and country or all over the world, telebox can use the private network of the organization or the Internet instead of communication lines for the inter-branches phone calls.
Thus, after establishing IP network among central office and various branches of the organization the phone calls will be made via with different instruments which will be explained in the following chapters.
For example if the organization has two or more branches across a city, it can install IP network via wireless, internet, intranet, etc. and have all phone calls free of charge.
Or if an organization has branches in another city or country, it can internalize all its international and intercity calls as well as its subsidiary centers through Telebox comprehensive system.

Dispelling the need for equipment costs
Since Telebox system is IP-based and uses the network for making phone calls and providing services, it no more needs establishing certain structure and cabling and thus will decrease additional charges.
Moreover, with regard to the fact that the organization is in a process of increasing growth, increase in personnel or numerous relocations, there will be no need for additional wiring. The existing network, which is easily expandable, can be used for increasing phone nodes or moving them.

Dispelling the need for paying hardware costs
Since the telebox system is so modular and utilizes different tools for making phone calls, it can decrease a large amount of hardware costs paid for buying phone, fax machine, etc. by replacing them with free software models.

Dispelling the need for paying human forces  for being operators of the system
Since telebox system has many capabilities such as digital secretary and answering, it can reduce the costs of operators.
Moreover, the system is user-friendly and there is no need for large switches and these lead to the decrease of the costs of the operators of the system and answering the subscribers.
In addition, the user-friendliness of the system and the unnecessity of large switches will drastically decrease the costs the organization has to pay for supporting the telephone system.

Reducing the high costs of the meeting between managers and the personnel
Since Telebox telephone system has a voice conference center it can drastically reduce the costs of the traveling of the personnel and managers to attend the meetings and increases their efficiency and saves the time.

Reducing the costs of fax
The existence of a very powerful fax server in the central core of the Telebox (as mentioned before) will dispel the need for a fax machine and its operator. Moreover, there is no need for papers and the faxes will be emailed to the users and all faxes will be stored in a data base. All these factors will have a significant effect on reducing the costs and wasting resources of the organization.

Reducing the costs of the organization by manipulating the calls
The telebox system is able to plan the way the personnel dial numbers according to the procedure the manager of the organization determines. This procedure may include barring the international or intercity calls, opening certain numbers for certain extensions and defining a call circuit based on the phone numbers of the incoming and outgoing calls and restricting the call durations. These as a preventing factor will reduce the costs.

Free calls among the personnel and the sub branches all over the province
Using this service, all personnel and the companies within the organization in the province or even out of the province can have free calls without paying any software costs.

1).Increasing the capabilities of the telephone system
Telebox telephone system has many advantages over other telephone systems (e.g., Panasonic telephone system, …) which can facilitate he many affairs and increase the efficiency of the organization. Some of the facilities of the telebox telephone system will be mentioned in the following sections:

Internet protocol operatory and control panel
Telebox telephone center has a powerful web interface with great application which eases the control and applicability of the device and while the operator is present all calls are observable on the spot. Moreover, the operator can connect the lines via this panel.

Professional voice mailbox
Using this service all users can receive unlimited voice messages, record and store them and even reply to them.

Comprehensive system of recording and reporting calls:
Telebox has the capability of getting a report of all incoming and outgoing calls with certain filters for organizations.

1)    Getting a report of all calls based on date fields, the source of the used canal, the destination canal and the call status
2)    Graphic reporting of the status of the application of all canals such as analog (IPPHONE) SIP H323
، IAX and all extensions in a comprehensive manner.
3)    The special reporting system for users (Dashboard)
Comprehensive and complete reporting of all calls in PDF and Excel format

Recording and call supervision service
By using this service, it is possible to record all calls and retrieve them.

Call distribution  management and call queues service
Using this service we can establish a professional call center with the following features
Call distribution system between the operators and based on different policies
Unlimited number of queue
Announcing the turn in the queue
Reporting the queue function
Announcement of the estimated waiting time in the queue

Support system of the external access to system lines
Using this system, the manager, after recording his cell phone number in the telebox, can make a phone call via telephone lines with his own cell phone.
It seems that the phone call is made by the cell phone of the user but the phone number of the organization will appear on the other subscribers’ screen and the cost of the phone call is to be paid by the organization.

Follow me service
Determining separate Follow me policies for each user
The possibility of converting the call to phone lines
The possibility of broadcasting advertisement before the conversations

Digital secretary service
1) Digital secretary with an unlimited cascade menu
2) Sending special messages for special occasions
3) Defining unlimited waiting music and assigning particular music to particular users

Supporting the smart Interactive voice response (IVR)
1)    Reading the information from various databases and presenting reports to the organization’s subscribers through the pre-planned design in an automatic and flexible way
2)    Using the system as a question-asking question- answering system along with the support of tracking code
3)    Presenting bills, debts and other reports to subscribers automatically

Doctors’ Module
The possibility of turn taking system
The possibility of paging system
The possibility of tele-visting and telecounselling

Among the other facilities of the system are:
o    Integrates fax system
o    Voice conference
o    Smart IVR support
o    Authentication Module
o    The possibility of showing the reports on the internet for users and the manager of the system
o    The possibility of defining one or more managers and various users with different levels of access to the system
o    The capability of adding or getting a back-up of extensions with different formats ACCESS, EXCEL, CSV, … .
o    Implementation of the necessary adjustments and the possibility observation of the reports on the Internet for users and the manager
o    Information back-up and retrieval at different times and the capability of getting a back-up of different parts of the system in a selective way
o    User interface with different formats such as a special format with Persian language
o    Caller ID support
o    Different types of extensions such as  call maker, call receiver and both
o    Capability of creating black list for each user
o    Call waiting service
o    Do not disturb service
o    Awakening system
o    speaking clock service
o    speed dial
o    creating a password for international calls
o    Defining the call route based on the phone number of the caller ( defining a special reaction based on the phone number of the caller)
o    Return call service
o    various codecs Support
o    an archive of pre-recorded voices in English and Persian
o    capability of separating the procedure of answering system in work hours and off-work hours and other specific times
o    capability of call divert to other line when there is no answer

Calling methods:

1) Calling via analog lines(Media gateway & Analog card):
In many organizations analog telephones and telephone wiring are the main method of telephone cables. Thus, if the organization is not inclined towards changing the structure of telephone system from analog to digital in order to be able to use the Telebox, some equipments are needed to transform analog lines to digital ones.
Among these equipments are analog phone cards and media Gateway which come in different models with different number of extensions.
In order to use analog cards the card should be installed on Telebox server and the necessary setting be done. To use Media Gateway, first it should be put in the network connected to Telebox server and perform the necessary setting

Calling via IP Phone
IP Phone is a smart digital device with a LAN network interconnector. It includes an IP address and standard connectors (RJ- 45). Thus, the connectors can be put in each port of LAN network. Among its important applications are Unified Messaging
، Collaboration, Conference, etc. moreover, these telephones are able to present the applications of wireless telephones along with those of the ordinary ones in a single telephone structure.

 Calling via Soft Phone and USB Phone:
One of the unique features of telebox is its capabilities of Telabox is the capability of using Soft Phones on the computer. Using this software, the user can answer the internal calls of his office everywhere in the world by connection to the Internet. By inserting the USB Phone to the Internet while using Soft Phone we can increase the quality and the ease of making phone calls.

Calling via new generations of cell phones:
One of the other capabilities of the Telebox is the support it provides for new generations of cell phones with WiFi and VoIP technologies. Based on these features the organization users who have such cell phones can have the extensions of their office on their cell phone inside the organization by connecting to the wireless system and making the necessary settings.

Connection to other switches and servers of the Telebox and different types of analog and digital phone center device
One of the other ways of calling is the connection to other phone centers such as analog and digital phone centers in Telebox system. Using this service, if the organization has several branches, there will be calls among all branches by connecting the servers of the branches.

A brief account of the resume of Sepehr Engineering Group:
Sepehr Engineering Group is one of the specialized groups in counseling, performing, supervising and supporting Internet and Intranet plans, computer networks and telecom. The company, utilizing scientific principles, effective techniques and employing a sophisticated team and using their expertise, aims to get the ever-increasing satisfaction of its customers.
The products and services of this group are presented with the best quality and support. It always tries to present them with standard quality, desirable variety and reasonable prices. Thus, it has received a great welcome from the customers.

The structure of the company:

Certificates and licenses:
License of the supreme council of informatics
Technology License of Yazd Science and Technology Park
Engineering license of industries and mining ministry
Certificate of computer union



Four values have always been the guidelines of the group:
1-    The satisfaction of the customers
2-    The quality and speed of the services
3-    Innovation and the development of the service
4-    The continuous improvement of the services

Our mission:
1-    Providing counseling and technical services of the highest quality
2-    Buying, providing and distributing the goods and services in an appropriate and on time manner
3-    Effective, stable and efficient cooperation with those who are active in IT and telecommunications as the final goal

Abilities and the Services:
The management of the Sepehr engineering group, after years of endeavourers and getting experience in telecommunication and IT industry, has gained an exact and appropriate of the market of communication services inside the country. The knowledge of the experts along with the experience of the managers has paved the way for taking effective ways for the fulfillment of the values .
Sepehr engineering group is now able to meet the needs of the customers in the shortest time possible with the highest quality (in terms of It industry, communications and computer networks)

1.    Counseling, designing and supervision on performing computer networks
2.    Providing specialized software services in the realms of computer networks
3.    Installing under-network phone centers (TeleBox IPPBX) and VOIP
4.    Executing the comprehensive plans of network support
5.    Providing different Active and Passive equipments of network and phone center
6.     Designing and implementing high speed communications using optical fiber
7.     Designing and implementing wireless connections in the form of Point to Point & Point to MultiPoint
8.    Designing and implementing telecommunications, internet, Intranet, PTMP, MPLS
9.    Designing and implementing and supporting the sites and Internet and Intranet services
10.      Providing solutions for the security of the network and the information
11.     Executing inhibitory and self-supporting masts


rows    Customer’s Name    rows    Customer’s Name
1    Regional water of Yazd Province    35    Erfan samane Kavir Engineerig group
2    Railway office of Yazd Province    36    Technical and Vocational organization of Yazd Province
3    Tax Office of Yazd Province    37    Red Crescent Group of Yazd Province
4    Economic and Finance Affairs organization of Yazd Province    38    Hivapad Pars Company
5    Shahid Sadughi Airport of Yazd Province    39    Kasra Paper Compny
6    Agricultural Jihad Organization of Yazd Province    40    Mad Company
7    Agricultural Jihad Organization of Yazd City    41    Deraje Food Industry
8    Natural Resources Office Of Yazd Province    42    Glaze Silk Road Company of Yazd Province
9    Housing office of Islamic Revoluton of Yazd Province    43    Poultry Union of Yazd povince
10    Meererology Office of Yazd Province    44    Yazd Nafis Ceramic
11    Islamic
تبلیغات  office of Yazd Province    45    Nik afzar kavir Company
12    Technical and Vocational organization of Yazd Province    46    Niktaraz Counter production Company
13    Technical and Vocational organization of Zarch City    47    Samenolhojaj Credit cooperative
14    Technical and Vocational organization of Yazd Province    48    Forensic Medicine Organization of Yazd Province
15    Technical and Vocational organization of Ardakan City    49    Shahid Moghaddam Marine Industry
16    Technical and Vocational organization of Tabas City    50    Marriage activist network of Yazd Province (Shafa)
17    Islamic culture and Guidance Office of Yazd    51    Indusrtrial town company of Yazd Province
18    Health Insurance Office of Yazd Province    52    Negin Printing
19    State Welfare organization of Yazd Province    53    Alborz Profile Company
20    Shahid Sadughi Technical Institute    54    Azar Paint Company
21    Civil Registration Organization Of Yazd Province    55    Shargh Saze Kavir Company
22    Imam Ali Cultural Complex    56    Fulad Gostar Company
23    Public Library Office of Yazd Province    57    Negin Tile Company
24    Golsapush Shoe Manufacturing Company    58    Hasti Net Kavir of Yazd
25    Sanaz Tile company of Yazd Province    59    Omran Pars company od Yazd
26    Sadr Chemisrty gostran Company of Yazd Province    60    Bargh Zavir Company of Yazd
27    Instruction and Training Office of Yazd Province    61    Inclusive Representative of HTC in Yazd Province
28    Technical Laboratory of Water and Soil    62    Technical and Vocational organization of Mehriz City
29    Zanbagh Hotel    63    Pardis Ceramic and Tile Company
30    Beh Pakhsh Company    64    Fulad Melting Industry of Yazd Province
31    Charkhe Gardoon Appliances    65    Coordination Council of Islamic Development organization of Yazd Province
32    Azad Islamic University of Mehriz    66    Islamic Development organization of Yazd Province
33    Non-govermental Ghaem High School    67    Technical College for Females in Meybod
34    Shahid Motahari University of Taft    68    Karafarin Insurance Head Office in Yazd